Runaway to the Summer Paradise

The idea of having heaven on earth must be inspired by beautiful mountain peaks. There is something comforting about looking at those perfectly imperfect yet heavenly beautiful snow-covered hill tops with a cup of coffee or ginger tea, as you may prefer ­čÖé

If you are here reading this then you must have been intrigued by the idea of visiting Mukteshwar.

Mukteshwar is about 50km from Nainital. It has an elevation of 2,171m which makes it colder as compared to Nainital. This village, dear to mountain travelers sits high in the Kumaon hills.

It’s known for its mystical beauty as it has a blend of being densely covered by thick forest canopy and also offers an adventure to spot hill tops. Some of them are Nanda Devi (2nd highest peak in India), Nanda Kot, Trishul, Panchachuli, etc.

One of its pleasing destinations is the temple Mukteshwar Dham, from where Mukteshwar got its name approximately 350 years ago. Here the residing deity is Lord Shiva, who killed the damon and blessed the latter with ‘moksh’ (salvation).

Mukteshwar is untouched by pollution and offers a clean and fresh atmosphere for traveling and connecting with nature itself. Summers are the best time to visit. But yes, a sweat shirt and shawl must be kept while packing as it’s a place with higher altitude and it may still feel colder to people not belonging to hilly areas.

Mukteshwar is rich in culture and art. You will not only enjoy tasty dishes but learn about simplistic yet satisfying nice people live. The town itself carries vibe which make you feel joyous and peaceful ­čÖé

Activities to do in Mukteshwar

Mukteshwar has a beautiful balance of attractions for all age groups. The 350-year-old temple of Shiva, the Mukteshwar Dham is at the highest point in this silent town. Another mark of this old hill station is Methodist Church which cannot be missed.

The abode of Lord Shiva is a delight for adventure enthusiasts. This colonial town offers a wide range of adventure sports like : Paragliding, River Crossing, Kite Flying, Night Treks etc.

It has the most exciting rock climbing and rappelling tracks at Chauli-Ki-Jali which has some exhilarating views of the valley below.  The tourists can indulge themselves in the long lost activity of  bird watching in multiple spots and fruit picking in orchards. Some of the birds who can pay you a visit are Woodpecker, Rusty-cheeked Scimitar Babbler, Great Himalayan Barbet,  Red Vented Bulbul, Rock Bunting, Grey Bushchat,  Chakor and some feathered scavengers.  One can view some exotic flowers like Orchids, Poppies, Primulas, Marigolds, Daisies, Anemone and Rhododendron.

Indian Veterinary Research Institute is also a popular tourist attraction.

The shopping enthusiast cannot end their journey without buying the famous rhododendron juice and preserves and some woollen items.